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Democracy: An Ongoing Challenge
Is democracy the best form of government? What are the hallmarks of a good democracy? These questions were asked in ancient times and we are still trying to find the answers today. We have learned, at least, that there is no “perfect” democracy!
Democratically-ruled nations try to strike a difficult balance between equality and liberty, as well as between majority and minorities. They try to maintain order in society while allowing for the greatest possible expressions of opinion. Democracy demands and democracy challenges—and as a system of government, democracy is itself challenged today by globalization and the development of digital media. Against this background, and in light of political and economic events in Asia or in the Arab world, there is another incessant question: is democracy still up-to-date? But of course! Democracies perform generally better and ensure peace more successfully than other forms of government.
Democracy: An Ongoing Challenge illustrates why. This visual reader uses the power of images to complement text, resulting in a compendium of the history and development of democracy, and offering insight into  contemporary debates.

CHF 48.00  
CHF 33.60  


Sang Bleu & Le Pavillon
Laboratoire de création du Palais de Tokyo
364 pages, 17 x 23, broché, softcover (français)
Invitée à concevoir une publication avec les artistes du Pavillon Neuflize OBC, Emmanuelle Antille livre un ouvrage singulier sur les relations entre le tatouage et l’art contemporain. Dans un prolongement à sa propre démarche, ancrée dans l’exploration des liens communautaires, Emmanuelle Antille convie chacun des résidents du Pavillon, artistes à la pratique et aux préoccupations diverses, à se poser la question de l’inscription corporelle et de ses multiples déclinaisons en produisant une série d’images. Cette rencontre, inscrite dans un hors série de Sang bleu, magazine indépendant d’art contemporain dirigé par Maxime Buechi, déplace notamment le champ de réflexion et de production de ces artistes plasticiens vers la question de l’inscription, saisie dans sa dimension rituelle. Création collaborative, vaste espace de dialogue entre divers contributeurs, l’ouvrage explore une multitude de peaux marquées de motifs et d’écritures indélébiles, et décline, à partir d’une géographie éclatée et principalement visuelle, une multiplicité de récits reliés par l’expérience de l’empreinte.

CHF 46.00  


Moritz Grund: Einhundert
176 pages, 135 × 195 mm, paperback, English/German
The book: Can you live your life with just one hundred things? This was the question that inspired Moritz Grund to start an experiment on himself lasting several years and documented by him in the form of text fragments. ONE HUNDRED stands for 100 personal things as the starting point for intelligent observations on products, relationships and mean- ings in the everyday world. How many objects do we own? How are they kept, trans- ported or disposed of? In a modest yet well-founded way, this work portrays dealings with everyday things.
With an introduction by Lucas Verweij.

CHF 25.00  
CHF 17.50  


Signs for Peace
600 pages, 165 x 240 mm, 1762 illustrations, paperback, English
Can one visualize peace? Are there signs, symbols, and images that present a positive image of peace as opposed to receiving their meanings in opposition to war? Over several years of research, the Design2context Institute has intensively examined the representation and representability of peace and has compiled a comprehensive collection of images. In order to include a number of historical, cultural, and political perspectives, the archival aspect is supplemented by workshops in crisis regions. The encyclopedia—which, as new sociopolitical situations continue to arise and call for new pictures, must inevitably remain incomplete—provides a broad overview of the iconography of peace, and is also intended to assist in gaining an understanding of the concept. This book represents a significant contribution to future discussions on the need and desire for peace in political and social life.

CHF 52.00  
CHF 36.40  


Torre David – Informal Vertical Communities
416 pages, 165 x 240 mm, 406 illustrations, harcover, English
Torre David, a 45-story skyscraper in Caracas, has remained uncompleted since the Venezuelan economy collapsed in 1994. Today, it is the improvised home to more than 750 families living in an extra-legal and tenuous squat, that some have called a “vertical slum.” Urban-Think Tank, the authors of Torre David: Informal Vertical Communities, spent a year studying the physical and social organization of this ruin-become home. Richly illustrated with photographs by Iwan Baan, the book documents the residents’ occupation of the tower and how, in the absence of formal infrastructure, they organize themselves to provide for daily needs, with a hair salon, a gym, grocery shops, and more.

CHF 58.00  
CHF 40.60  


Aram Bartholl – The Speed Book
268 pages, 21,6 x 28 cm, full color, hardcover, English
Aram Bartholl’s work explores the power structures, the social systems, the cultural innovations, the inner dynamics, the languages, and the products that are shaping our age. This first comprehensive monograph offers entry to an oeuvre in which space and cyberspace mingle and mangle each other, a realm that uses as little technology as possible while still speaking a digital language. Aram Bartholl: The Speed Book features savvy experiments with transitions from the virtual to the physical: USB sticks embedded into walls, buildings, and curbs; giant real-life versions of Google's red map markers positioned in public spaces; portraits generated from search results. An introduction by editor Domenico Quaranta as well as essays by science fiction writer Bruce Sterling, art critics, and fellow artists guide readers through a wonderfully skewed version of reality under the influence of the internet, something Sterling refers to as Bartholl’s "self-created twilight zone."

CHF 48.00  
CHF 33.60  


Gepflegt: KRASS – 476 pages (German/English)
Youth culture and brands have always had a convoluted relationship both influencing and feeding off each other alike. The term “gepflegt krass” is German slang used mainly by youth culture for awesome or cool. Gepflegt:KRASS takes youth culture and the visual culture of brands as a starting point to investigate this complex correlation and incisively analyzes the multifaceted dynamic of branding culture.

CHF 62.00  
CHF 43.40  



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