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Pierre Keller
168 pages, 170 x 240 mm, hardcover, English
The journey of Pierre Keller in the cultural field is resolutely multidimensional. Trained as a graphic designer, he first worked in Switzerland and Italy (with Eugenio Carmi), mixing his interest in optical and kinetic art with his knowledge of modernist applied arts' vocabulary. Traveling to the USA and the Nova Scotia College of Art in the early 1970s, he discovered Conceptual art and realized his "Kilo-Art," a new measurement, which he had authenticated by the relevant Federal Office. In the mid-1970s, he started using photography as a medium, in particular Polaroids. In the vibrant New York scene of the 1970s–1980s, he crossed paths with people such as Nan Goldin and Keith Haring, and started to use his art world understanding and contacts to teaching, before becoming, in the 1990s, the Director of the Lausanne art school, ECAL.

CHF 38.00  
CHF 26.60  


Brasilia–Chandigarh – 240 pages (Anglais)
In 1960, Brasilia was celebrated as the realisation of an urban planning vision based on designs by Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer. At the same time, the sectoral city of Chandigarh was rising according to plans by Le Corbusier. The test tube cityA" arose as an export of modernity from a Western planning euphoria that displayed utopian traits. In both cities, foreign architecture entered into a harmonious relationship with indigenous culture, forming new and independent identities. This publication addresses the question of how modernism has been appropriated in both cities, and how the people who live in them deal with it. Commonalities and differences are identified and images of everyday urban life showcased. On the initiative of the publisher, the young photographer Iwan Baan has taken stock of contemporary life in both cities. With commentary in the form of essays by Cees Nooteboom on the photographs and by Martino Stierli on the architectural and planning history.

CHF 60.00  
CHF 42.00  


The Valley of the Shadow – 144 pages (English)
The Valley of the Shadow is a collection of photography by Miron Zownir that documents a world of unconditional authenticity, dire ecstasy, and demonical possession that exists in the shadows of urban areas in New York, Berlin, and post-Communist Eastern Europe. As controversial as they are uncompromising and poetic, Zownir’s expressionistic black and white portraits capture the morbid dignity of society’s misfits, freaks, and the homeless. Miron Zownir is a German-Ukrainian photographer, filmmaker, and author whose critically acclaimed work has been featured in international solo and group exhibitions as well as renowned publications. Because his visual language takes viewers to the limit of what they can tolerate, The Valley of the Shadow is not a book for the faint-hearted.

CHF 62.00  
CHF 43.40  


Hair'em Scare'em – 224 pages (English)
Hair'em Scare'em presents an extraordinary exploration through the fascinating beauty and inventive possibilities of hair as a medium for artistic expression in contemporary art and design. The book documents this palpable trend into a visual sourcebook that presents a captivating collection of hairy works in graphic design, photography, illustration and art as well as interior design, fashion and jewelry design. The extraordinary works featured in this book are the best indication of trends in hair outside the mainstream.

CHF 56.00  
CHF 39.20  


The Fiction of Science – 144 pages (English)
The Fiction of Science is a collection of photographs by Frank Hülsbömer, who has made a name for himself with contributions to magazines such as Wallpaper. Reminiscent of the abstract photography of Moholy-Nagy, his work indicates the recent rediscovery of abstraction and geometrical work in contemporary art. Despite its minimalistic strength and quasi-scientific precision, Hülsbömer's photographic aesthetic shines with exceptional depth and creates an outstanding poetic visuality.

CHF 62.00  
CHF 43.40  


Kyoshu - Nostalgie du pays
(Format 19 x 26 cm / 112 pages)
Nicolas Ducret et son Hasselblad, Pascal Greco et son Polaroid sillonnent au hasard les rues de Tokyo et de quelques villes du Japon. L'ouvrage est accompagné d'un DVD contenant un film en super 8 de 17 minutes réalisé par Pascal Greco.

CHF 59.00  
CHF 41.30  



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